Friday, May 18, 2012

(((((((((((( TS990S Pictures ))))))))))

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Icom on Steroids?


Greg said...

This radio is far from being
complete. They draped the back
panel so no vision of the back and
unit in a large glass cage.

The price point will be between
$5000 and $10000. Their target
competition is the FT5000 so they
think it will be a lot closer to
the $5000 mark. The receivers are
about complete. They have no
knowledge on the transmitter
because to be honest they have not
finished that part yet. So there
is no word on bandwidth. The
front panel will be changing
before it is released. That whole
left side including the s meter is
a LCD panel that they said has
already been greatly enhanced but
could not get it in time for the

In my opinion this radio is far
from complete and they did make
the comment that the decided
price point will dictate the final
outcome of the radio. It seems
they were convinced that the price
had to be closer to the FT5000 to
be successful. I think we will be
lucky if they will take orders by
this time next year.

Anonymous said...

This radio was an "empty" box at Dayton. I am very disapointed in Kenwood.

Anonymous said...

Hello, From this video on Youtube I can see towards the end of video that the SSB TX Bandwidth is actually adjustable up to 10 - 4000 Hz. That is great news !! I was afraid they would end up on 3kHz only. Way to go Kenwood !


Anonymous said...

Admin said...

Hello Roar,

This video is also on the blog at

And watching it very close I see 10Hz to 5kHz, nice! I wonder if the TX will match the RX?